by Hanna Öberg

OWNU App is all about you owning your body and mind. Regardless of what goals you might have, the purpose of OWNU is to help you reach them and find your balance in life. Guides, workouts, recipes and so much more, signup below to get started.

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You vs You Challenge

Now is the time to invest in yourself - the You vs. You challenge is back!

You vs. You is a 60 days challenge that will run from the 12th of April to the 11th of June.

The purpose of the challenge is to give yourself an opportunity to invest in your own health, physically and/or mentally. Challenge yourself with help and support from an uplifting and encouraging community of thousands of members. You set your own individual goal - because it is all about YOU vs. YOU!

Workout guides

Stay motivated and never lose track of your progress with unified progress tracking across all guides. Thanks to the new exercise videos and descriptions, you will continuously be on a journey to improving yourself.

Workout Library

With the OWNU app, you will never have to search for workouts again - we offer access to all my 20 plans in one place. With the built-in recommendation tool, you will be able to find the perfect guide for you and your goals specifically.

OWN who you are - OWNU.

Meal planner

Experience a new level of organized meal planning with OWNU’s fully customizable meal calendar. Optionally choose whether to show calorie targets based on your goals and biometrics to plan your nutritional intake for each day. Once your week is planned - OWNU will automatically assemble your weekly shopping list.

Recipe library

Cooking healthy and tasty food has never been more accessible! With over one hundred unique recipes covering a range of diets - you will never go hungry for inspiration on what to cook next. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, standard - we’ve got you covered.

About OWNU

OWNU is all about you owning your body and mind. Regardless of what goals you might have, the purpose of OWNU is to help you reach them and find your balance in life. The features of OWNU were shaped by industry leaders explicitly to ease your daily life and give you strength on your very own journey. Together, the users of OWNU create a strong and supportive community, where we lift each other and reach our goals together.

OWN who you are - OWNU.




Love this app!

I love this app, it’s so easy to use. I really like the fact that all of the plans are on there and you get the nutrition plan included too!

Elle L G

Hanna is a fitness goddess

I’ve been following Hanna for years on her Instagram and her YouTube, her energy and positivity provided me with much needed motivation through some difficult times! Hanna makes it easy to follow along specific workouts, as well as nutritional guides to help you stay on track!

I love everything this app has to offer and totally worth an investment! Thank you so much! Lost of love Hanna

Mooodi m.m

This is one of the best apps I've ever seen in my life.It is such a great, perfect and well organised app which can be so useful for anyone who wants to have a perfect and strong body.With this app you will have such a great opportunity to have a perfect program for your workout and have a professional and lovely coach, Hanna, as well. Don't hesitate to install this amazing app, just use it once and I'll guarantee that you will be addicted to it.

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